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I’m looking to partner with publications and destinations where my photography and writing can provide a compelling perspective…also, individuals and groups involved in rail trail advocacy and trail building where my historic preservation experience can be leveraged…

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I’m a commercial photographic artist with 15 years of experience shooting all types of jobs, from band and model portraits, weddings (I did 1 and that was enough to convince me it was not what I wanted to do!), freelancing for newspapers, to architectural shoots of all kinds (residential and commercial), hospitality industry clients, product photography for big pharma and small specialty niche businesses, food photography for multi-chain restaurant companies and of course, my fine art projects.

Photography is my life’s work. After a music career (which I still engage in) and then 10+ years working as a digital graphic artist in the marketing and advertising field I decided it was what I wanted to do all the time. In fact, my work in photography often requires my expert graphics knowledge and I use it almost everyday. Writing is also something I really enjoy a lot, as I’ve always had a natural talent for it. I do it almost everyday now and I could do it everyday for a long time! Photographing and researching historic subjects in the field and abandoned railroads led me to rail trail riding. Now I’m photographing my cycling adventures and writing about and posting them along with my pictures on social media and my blog. My intent is to reach a large audience of like-minded people here in New Jersey, but also those coming to visit the area. This blog will give them good info on where to ride and enjoy the scenery and history.

My intent is to share my knowledge and experiences with others who love to be out riding where the rails and trains used to go, and to partner with publications, websites and destinations dedicated to this national movement. I don’t just ride the trails I also research their railroad history because it’s exciting and incredibly interesting to me, and I consider preserving our railroading history to be important work. So, I bring together my photography, writing, research and riding to create rail trail stories and information to enhance and inform riders’ experiences; and through my historic preservation work, advocate for and facilitate preservation of old railroad corridors for their conversion to rail trails.

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