Lambertville – Railroad History and Rail Trail Town

Lambertville, New Jersey, is a great rail trail destination on the Delaware River. There’s lots of railroad history and historic infrastructure and scenic rail trail riding to be had; not to mention the cool cafes, hotels, restaurants and art galleries. You can bike to it from many different points on the D&R Canal Trail and once there you have a lot of entertainment options and even crossing the bridge into Pennsylvania; the similarly historic and touristy town of New Hope is just on the other side of the river.

I visit there often for my rail trail rides along the former Belvidere Delaware Railroad and last week I tried a different approach. I typically park in Lambertville at the Lambertville Inn and Hotel and then bike up to Stockton 4 miles away. I actually ride just past there to the Prallsville Mills complex, a historic industrial site that dates to the 18th century, and back. But having done that so many times over the past 2 years I wanted to try it a little differently. So I parked at the south end of town and rode up part way to Stockton and back. Nothing earth shattering in that but it made for a slightly different experience, and I still made about 6 miles…I like to ride at least that far.

The photo gallery below features 17 new original photographs from my two recent visits to Downtown Lambertville. They include about 11 made in the sweltering heat of last weekend (June 20th) when I returned to make more pictures for this post and riding the Bel Del Railroad trail.

I love combining my photography with rail trail riding…

I hope you like my pictures and highly recommend a visit to Lambertville. You can also take “loop” rides that include crossing over the Delaware River and back; the scenery is spectacular and there are various distances (none of which are too long) to suit your needs. Signs in Lambertville and the towns along the D&R Canal Trail show them and the mileage for each.

Don’t forget to bring your bikes!

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