Henry Hudson Trail – Fall on the Old Freehold Branch

There’s nothing like Fall in Monmouth County, New Jersey. I learned my love of Autumn growing up there and spent many passing’s of that season in its woods. As a result, I ride the Henry Hudson Trail’s 3 segments often, and Fall is my favorite time to be on them. On Halloween this year I found myself cycling the Matawan-Morganville segment. Typically, I ride just a bit farther south from Marlboro to Freehold but also enjoy the middle section. By the way, it would be great if they would connect these two sections in the near future.

The right of way was formerly traveled by Central Railroad of New Jersey trains beginning in the mid-19th century. It was built as an agricultural railroad and then added passenger service in 1877. It’s amazing how the landscape changes along this part of the trail, and it’s more noticeable than on the other two sections. From old industrial buildings at the Matawan Boro end to the woods and former farmlands of the northern part of Marlboro (Morganville), you get an easy and scenic ride through the landscape over paved trail surface.

Fall was in full swing on Halloween; there were leaves turning colors on the trees and scattered across the trail surface, one of my favorite things to see and ride through. If you’re within reach, I highly recommend a ride on any of the 3 segments, although Matawan-Morganville and Marlboro-Freehold are the best, in my opinion… they’re my favorite to ride.

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